Celebration Cake

Celebration Cake on Cake Central

This was made for my daughter's feast day (name day). It was the first time I was using fondant on a square cake and had absolutely no idea how to get it smooth over the corners! LOL Hence the 'wings' or what you want to call them. It was also the first time I made roses. I had no idea at that time that fondant is not good enough for flower making so they had to be thick or they would break down. I must have made the roses five times over to achieve this result. Looking at them now, I know they can be made better using flower paste, a balling tool, etc. But in those days YouTube was not full of tutorials as it is now. So we all struggled on our own. The piping is chocolate. Inside the cake was chocolate sponge with a rose syrup filled with a chocolate-strawberry ganache. This is my cake heaven (strawberry and chocolate!)

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