My Wedding Cake Adventure

My Wedding Cake Adventure on Cake Central

trying this again...

This was a wedding cake for my son and daughter in law. Weeks of obsessing and 25+ hours of labor was a labor of love. Quite the cake - a 16" layer of lemoncello, a 12" layer of red velvet (with mini-chips in icing), an 8" carrot cake and a 6" dark chocolate fudge layer with crème d'menthe icing. Only problem was the edible lace veil that I made melted in the humidity of the day. But the flavors were a huge success!

One problem I always had was bulging sides with my fondant. Pushing on the cake layers before the crumb coat and poking a chimney in the top let all the air out and the sides stayed straight. Only lesson for next time is my cake supports were just a bit high... i'll take that!

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Wow!  Love all the lace molds!  :)  

And hey, having that slight separation between the tiers probably made it much easier to take apart in order to serve!  ;)  A number of years back (I won't mention how many) I actually did quite a few wedding cakes with the slight separation.