Frozen Birthday Party Of My Kids

Like many moms out there, I have to admit that I have two little FROZEN fanatics at home. The theme for this year's Birthday party was decided loooooong time back when they first watched the Frozen movie.Can you believe?????? My 3 year old son can recite the whole lyrics of 'Let it go' song. This is my first FROZEN cake. Bottom and top tier and fondant covered where as the middle tier ruffles are made from butter cream ( Thanks to Wilton design). Now, if my Elsa looks like an alien, dont blame me :( I tried my best to make it look human and if you notice that the neck length is not proportional to the body, there is a very interesting story behind that. I had made the bottom half of Elsa's body five days before the party and had kept it in 'what I beleived to be non kids reach safe place'for drying. My 3 year old little explorer found his way to the top of the shelf and he could see only one end of the fondant and he pressed and smashed the bottom edge thinking it is playdough. I saw this veryyyyyy late -just a day before party and I couldnt do much rather than cutting away almost 1/4rth of the bottom part. That is how my Elsa got an alien look.:) I was very much happy with my Olaf though. What more a mom need when her kids say this is the best Birthday cake they ever had ? Feeling Blessed !!!


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