Lambeth Inspired Wedding Cake

Lambeth Inspired Wedding Cake on Cake Central

This piece was part of a larger display table for a cake show in Brighton UK. My piece represented the saying 'Icing on the Cake' Pop over to my Facebook page to see the rest of the table (we did awesome!)

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Wow! How long did it take to complete all that piping, and is this something that can be accomplished on a real cake? I would love to be able to do this level of piping.  When you were doing the fine lattice, did you your string work from the bottom up or top down? And was this regular royal icing? Would it stand up to transport? I know, lots of questions, but I can't stop looking at this, it is stunning!



Hi Sandy,

Yes you can do it on real cake; the whole project was about 4days start to finish that includes icing the dummies, planning and piping so the actual piping was probably about 2.5-3 working days but if you pipe regularly I am sure it would not take as long (I have done a lot of piping but not this style). I live in the UK so I can happily NOT put my cake in a fridge as I do not use perishable fillings like mouse's creams or meringue  buttercreams - where you live may be different, I wouldn't want to personally refrigerate royal iced decorations unless I knew it was dry and cold and that the cake wouldn't condensate when brought back up to temperature as royal icing and humidity are not good friends!  Lattice lines are usually top to bottom as its much easier that way.  My royal icing is made with Meriwhite and bridal icing sugar (known as 10x powdered sugar in the US I think) it is just finer than normal icing sugar and much nicer to pipe with, but use what you have.  Royal icing can also be made with eggs (dried or fresh),  its mostly personal preference which type you prefer and which works best for you. The cake above has been on the road for over 5 hours total in a box and not a single decoration has moved an inch - royal icing is strong unless it gets directly knocked (this mostly happens with curious pokey fingers or being clumsy!)  I have taken a course in piping, have books and a couple of on line courses (on Craftsy and Paul Bradford) which have all been invaluable (and practice practice practice!)- there is also a few good free resources let google do the work for you.  if you go to my facebook page I have a few in process pictures of the project - .  Don't be intimidated by it, have a go : )  - Tasha