And The Lived Happily Ever After....

And The Lived Happily Ever After.... on Cake Central

A custom designed cake for the bride on just a couple weeks notice she wanted alot more detail but was understanding when I explained there wasnt time for it so we came up with this design together. Message is done with edible imaging, lots and lots of time cutting it out with an scalpel and then I went and dropped "and" which shattered into tiny pieces and we got to start that one over lol but it was worth all the time and effort I love how it turned out.

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Thanks so much Cheechtastic, yes the script did take a lot of time more then I thought it would just because it was so delicate I had to take my time but at the same time the longer the edible paper stayed out the more brittle it became lol but Im please I chooe to go this way rather then hand pipe it since my handwriting is horrid.