Naked Cake With Berries And Anemone

Naked Cake With Berries And Anemone on Cake Central

Naked cakes sure are popular this year - I have several more weddings coming up with this style of cake. I love the simple look, but I wonder about their practicality for weddings. Typically a wedding cake is sitting out on display for hours before it is finally cut into and served. My worry is that the outside pieces of the cake will be dried out by then. This one had a very thin coat of buttercream on the outside, but most of them are completely "naked".

What are your thoughts? Has anyone been to a wedding that had a naked cake? I would love to hear your feedback.

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I love naked cakes and hoping that I'll have the opportunity to make one very soon!  I've read on some cake blogs that decorators use an apricot glaze brushed on the outside after applying the butter cream.  Cook or microwave to melt it down, then just brush it on with a pastry brush.  You can always test this theory too on a single cake layer, crumb coat, chill and then glaze.  Let it sit at room temp for a few hours, then cut into it.  That way you know for certain, maybe experiment with different flavored glazes.  Like if it were a chocolate cake with a raspberry filling,  you can use a raspberry glaze.