Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

This is a Chocolate Cake/Chocolate buttercream covered in MFF. Bob, Larry and Madame Blueberry are Red Velvet Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting covered in MFF. Other characters are fondant/gumpaste. This was my first time using Michelle Fosters Fondant, it was a dream to work with, and tasted divine. No more store bought fondant for me. Thanks so much Michelle!!!

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Oh, my gosh this is a fun cake! You totally NAILED all their expressions, too. That had to take forever. Your "other characters" that were fondant/ that a half and half mix? Or were some of them fondant and others gumpaste?


I have gotten use to no one commenting on cake pics anymore, so I almost fell off my chair when I saw I had an alert comment...

@TwoThumbs2 ‍ Thank you, yes it was fun to make. Took about a week, I start making the figures early in the week. My grandkids are huge fans of Veggie Tales.

To answer your question, I add tylose powder to MFF, to make a quick gumpaste ( 2 tsp tylose per pound of fondant - got this tip on CC from costumeczar). The Sweet peas and the Asparagus family figures and the name plaque are made with this gumpaste. Its just so much cheaper to make your own, and since I already make the fondant, making the gumpaste was a no brainer. HTH

Oh the kids loved them so much we made them into Christmas Ornaments, and they are still as good as the day they were made.


Those are great tips! After I saw this picture I went and tracked down the MFF and I'm totally going to try that next time I need fondant, and I like the transition to gumpaste, too, I've always just gotten the gumpaste "just add water" powder!  But now you've intrigued me did you make them into Christmas Ornaments?!


 It was a little tricky since they are slim, I didn't  want them to crack, so ended up super gluing at the back some heavy gauge wire. Because they are heavy we make sure they are resting on a sturdy branch. Next time I will make a hole in the top to insert, I can't remember what you call them, but they are like screws with an "O" on top, you use to hang picture frames. That would be a better look. Mother Asparagus has needed to have her pearls repaired, and I have though about spraying them with a finishing spray, have not gotten around to it.

Wilton's ready-made gumpaste was what I first used, but that stuff hardens quickly, and I find I need time to work on the figures.....guess I'm the tylose powder is perfect for me.

You will love MFF, I started out using satin ice, but was having trouble with elephant skin at the bottom of my cakes. Then I tried MFF and I have not looked back. I save so much money and I always have a batch on hand.