25Th Wedding Anniversary Replica

The client brief: "can you make a really hideous cake? It is so ugly we almost vomited when we saw the photos, but choose to roll over laughing instead. We think it would be a scream to give this to our mum and dad"

The kids of these lucky parents wanted to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary with a mini replica of their 1980's inspired 5-tier wedding cake. In a nutshell it is 'fruffy' and embodies all of the tacky, fake, over-the-top detail that the 1980's were famous for. For UK & Aussie fans - it just reeks Scott & Charlene's wedding doesn't it!!

We did a 2 tier version in white chocolate ganache (to keep within the client's budget - they are kids after all) with white feathers, artificial blooms, pearls and a glass chalice. It was looking kind of ok, until the 3rd & 4th swag rows were piped, but then the huge ribbon bows were added and it totally embodied the client's brief.

Verdict is still out whether I should include this one on my website. The florist says 'dont you dare!".


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