The Easter Bonnet- Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration

The Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration is a celebration of Easter. Showcasing the talent of 23 cake and sugar artists from around the globe, who have come together to create unique Easter coloring book themed cake and cookie creations. With both sacred and secular designs, our collection is a celebration of everything Easter. Please follow us at and

This cake features a hand woven wafer paper Easter bonnet- few things say Easter to me like an Easter Bonnet- it really harks back to my childhood- attending church with my family and wearing my Easter Bonnet.

I based the design on an old hat I wore as a child- I really wanted to use wafer paper as a medium and tried to master a way to manipulate it to plait it and create a basket weave effect.

It took some trial and error to create the desired effect but I am so happy with the results and I still have the hat as a centerpiece!

Hoping that some of you might be interested in how I did it, I created a step by step free picture tutorial for you: How to Make a Wafer Paper Easter Bonnet. You can download it from our blog at

The cake also features gumpaste flowers and hand painted wafer paper wrap around the middle tier.


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