I Am Fire. I Am............death!

I Am Fire. I Am............death! on Cake Central

I had the unique opportunity to take Mike McCarey’s private cake sculpting class right here in my hometown of Austin. Normally you have to travel to Seattle, where he has Mike’s Amazing Cakes, but he was here in Austin, TX, for our cake show, “That Takes the Cake” & for the first time ever, he offered the class on the road. I JUMPED at the chance! it is a 3-day class where he helps you make your ‘bucket list cake’—the one you’ve dreamed of doing but didn’t know how. YOU choose the cake design & he helps you bring it to life. He does an incredible amount of research & engineering before you ever start the class, so the structure is already in place.

My bucket list cake for a while has been a dragon. And then when I saw the movie “The Desolation of Smaug”, I thought Smaug was the coolest dragon I had ever seen, so I wanted to base my dragon from him. (And I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings GEEK! Even my cat is named ‘Eowyn’!) Mike said the structure of this dragon, because I wanted him ‘flying’, & with the large wingspan, was very challenging! The internal structure is made of a thick plumbing pipe & copper wiring.

Smaug is solid modeling chocolate—-about 14 pounds of it! Mike suggested we make him of modeling chocolate instead of cake so that I can keep him indefinitely & use him as a display piece. The only cake part is the pile of gold he is guarding at the bottom, so I can simply make a new mound of gold & slide it in place, & then serve it from there while keeping the dragon intact. Brilliant!

I actually didn’t finish him in the 3 days! As you can see by the picture of me with him the large scale—-he is over 32 inches tall, so he’s quite the beast! The amount of detail was insane. I spent most of Day 2 making ALLLLLL those scales! And his head took more time than we had in Day 3, so I still had to finish him at home!

The cool thing about the class is Mike walks you carefully through every step, but YOU do all the work! He doesn’t do it for you. But he is AMAZING at breaking very difficult things down into achievable steps, & his knowledge & techniques are off the charts. I learned so much, & feel that the class was the best investment in myself & my business that I could have made. I am forever grateful! Plus it was FUN! Mike is awesome! Funny, kind, patient (VERY patient) & so helpful.

I hope you love Smaug as much as I do! <3 “I am Fire. I am……………DEATH!”

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Absolutely amazing work.  The face is so accurate its crazy and all the details are so lifelike.  You did an wonderful job.  I love the gold he's on and would love to know how you did that.  Just curious, was there a reason you did not put in his back legs? This is definitely one of my most favorite cakes.  Thanks for sharing. 


This cake is AWESOME!!  I have taken a course with Mike and he is amazing.  One of my favorite cake artist for sure!  You did a fabulous job on this one.  I would love to see other angles of the cake.  I love dragons and this is so well done!  Great job.


reginaherrin---we struggled with the back legs decision!  But Mike felt strongly that there was no way to add them without ruining the beautiful curve & lines of the body, & I agreed.  We actually made one & when we put it on the cake, just didn't like it. So we exercised a bit of artistic license.  

Thank you so much MsGF, tonya0518 & mlwideman!


I am so in love with this cake.  I look at it every time I visit CC. You did a fantastically phenomenal job.  It is just the most gorgeous work.