Ninja Turtles Cake For Aris' 1St Birthday

Aris' 1st birthday party theme was all about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his mom wanted the cake to make a big statement at the party.

Even though this was probably one of the most challenging cakes I've done, we were both super happy with how it turned out! smile emoticon

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Aris!

8 inch red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream 6 inch vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream

All decorations are edible and made out of fondant

(I always like to credit the original author if I take inspiration from a specific design, but in this case, I could not trace it back to the original design...if anyone knows please tag their page in the comments session!)

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Your Ninja Turtles cake turned out awesome.  I am the original author of this particular TMNT design.  I made it for my grandson's 5th birthday two years ago.  It has been copied many, many times, and I feel honored every time I see it.  I even have made up a set of directions that I am always happy to share, but yours turned out amazing without them.


Thank you so much!! And I am sorry I didn't credit you, but I didn't know who the original author was! Do you have a facebook page or website that I can use to credit you on my facebook page?
Thanks again!! :)


Thanks for the lovely message Teresa!  I see you found my FB page!  You are so sweet about wanting to give credit to the original designer.  Thank you!


To whitecrafty, Thanks this cake is very similar to the one my grandson wants for his birthday. You said you have direction that your willing to share please tell me where I can access them