The Sound Of Music

Here is the cake that I made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Sound Of Music movie. I designed this cake around a few of my favorite songs from the movie :-) The “Do-Re-Me song that we all love where Maria is singing it to the children behind the spectacular Alpine meadows of Austria is on the first tier. I sculpted Maria out of modeling chocolate holding her guitar and the beautiful Alphine meadows painted as a plaque. The second favorite song of mine is when Maria and Captain Von Trapp sings “Something Good” inside the beautiful Gazebo so on the second tier I have a silhouette painted of that scene as well as the famous “damask curtains” which represents the 7 children of the Von Trapp Family. Finally on the bottom tier I have the 50th Anniversary celebration plaque covered with beautiful gold gilded Edelweiss flowers to represent my third favorite song “Edelweiss” from the movie :-) Since it’s the 50th anniversary of this Amazing Masterpiece I wanted to give my design a rich feel so I used gold gilded decorations and a lot of scroll work to mimic the rich interiors of the Von Trapp Family Home. I had an amazing time designing this cake :-) Hope you like it too Follow me on my Facebook page (info on my profile) Thx

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Beautiful, just beautiful!  And I new exactly what it was without having to read your description.  You told the story so well in your cake.  GREAT JOB!



OMG. I found you from your current cake with modern ruffle/jewel cake posted this week and checked out your page. Then I saw this cake. I LOVE IT!!!! I am a huge fan of the Sound of Music. I remember seeing this cake a while ago and not knowing who did it.