Chocolate Cake Covered With Fondant Over Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake Size 68 10 Inches By 3 Inches High The Designs Silhouette Images

chocolate cake covered with fondant over milk chocolate ganache. Cake size = 6,8 10 inches by 3 inches high. the designs, silhouette images (from goggle) printed them out to wafer paper and attached to black fondant (using piping gel) to darken their color just a bit more then cut them out using xacto knife. Butterflies and grasses, since they were so tiny and thin and would be very difficult to cut decided to use black color gel and paint brush to draw them around the cake. I made this cake really simple, for our wedding anniversary. since we have two lovely kids, why not include them. they are the love of my life and inspirations. Have a wonderful day.


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