Neighborhood Ride

Hello everyone – I’m happy to share with you all this weekend’s cake that was made for a charming little boy! This cake is based on the children’s show: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. On the bottom tier, I tried to represent some key elements of the scenery of the show through a stenciled gradient effect with royal icing. The trolley is a cake carved to resemble the one in the show, and the hut is made out of rice krispies and encases a small cake. The idea of the hut is that it can be kept for a while if desired! Modeling chocolate, fondant and gum paste were used to create the various details. The blue area that you see on top represents a lake that I created through an inlay technique. I hope that you like the cake, and as always feel free to ask any questions!


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Hi Leyda,

I love Daniel Tiger's home! How did you do the exterior, love the texture!