Semi-Naked Ganache With Geometric Pattern And Hot Pink Gumpaste Peony

I was given complete free reign by the client and although I love that SO much because I can get all creative and try new things, it is also daunting because I have nothing to go by, not even a colour preference…so I worry if it will be well received. It’s the perfect double edged sword…lol.

Well, she loved it…PHEW!

The colours were inspired by Kristen of Bliss Pastry. I love her use of blues accented with gold and I wanted to make another semi-naked ganache cake so I combined the two ideas. Next, I wanted to add some pink to make the pink peony pop.

The pattern on the bottom tier, believe it or not, was an idea I had for my sis’ birthday cake WAY back in 2009…yes 5 years ago!! But because I did not have enough time, I ended up only doing one row for her cake. If interested, you can see a pic of it on my FB page in the comments section of the post I made about this cake.

TFL – Violet


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