Cake I made past weekend which gave me a lot of worries — I was really glad that despite of:

1. Me not feeling quite well Friday night, I was able to prepare the cake, frost and ganache

2. Otherwise, i’m doomed as I woke up Saturday morning with NO POWER (actually until today due to a storm) – there were approx. 190,000 families with no power but is slowly getting restored as of today.

3. Then the client emailed on the delivery day (Sunday) that she was hoping I did not finish the cake. Due to the power outages in the region, she decided to postpone the party but I already finished the cake prior to her cancellation. I explained this to her and she was understanding about the situation — hence I delivered the cake. She eventually pushed through with the party. It’s refreshing to know that my clients are responsible! And she even gave me a tip. Awesome!

Have a great day everyone!


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