Super Cake Moms Collaboration - Lotus


49 cake artists from around the world recently came together to honor a very special group of people…MOTHERS!

Moms wear many hats: chef, hairstylist, chauffeur, wife, nutritionist, maid, wardrobe consultant, referee, gardener, nurse, entertainer, accountant, teacher…..all this and without receiving a paycheck! We wanted to celebrate our own Moms and Mothers across the world by creating beautiful floral cakes that are as diverse as each of our Moms. Each artist chose a flower and created a cake to showcase it. We hope you enjoy our collaboration because it was made with love.

I was so honoured to be asked to be part of this group of spectacular sugar artists! Pinched myself a couple of times actually lol.

I wanted to represent my mom AND my motherland so I chose Lotus which is a very symbolic flower in Chinese culture and represents purity of the body, speech, and mind. The Lotus is a large flower, sometimes half a foot wide, that blooms and rises out of muddy waters and floats above it, which is what I wanted to represent with the bottom tier. The ponds and water it grows in, in China and other Asian countries often also have bamboo which I used on the top tier and which also symbolizes the country of China where both sides of my & my husband’s family are originally from.

Being a serious non-flower person (only first touched gumpaste in December) I am nervous to post as there is SUCH amazing talent here and I feel SO blessed and fortunate to be part of this collaboration!! It didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted and I was conflicted big time by the bottom tier, but I hope you all like it!

Thanks to Ana & Eva for organizing such a meaningful and amazing collaboration to honour some of the most important women in our lives! This was my first collaboration and I was so excited and nervous at the same time.


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