Paw Patrol Chase Dog Cake

This is a puppy called Chase from a newish TV show called Paw Patrol.

I followed Elisa Strauss' Sculpted Dog Cake Craftsy class for carving and structure help. The body is all cake, but I carved the head and hat from styro.

He is over a foot and a half tall, and sits on a 16" board.

If I make this cake again, I will charge ten million dollars. :-)

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I am making Chase for a client in a few weeks.  I too am using Elise's tutorial for tips.  May I ask how you figured out your templates (i.e. the bottom board where his feet are) and what size cake rounds you used to carve his body?


btw....she sent me YOUR cake as the pic....and I thought it was a cake topper.  I was like, "where's the cake", lol!  Yours is perfect!


Hi, Jocelyn.

Paw Patrol was SO new when I made this that there were very few photos available. I actually had to watch the stupid show, and take photos of the TV with my phone to try and get front-on and side-view photos of the dog. Then I blew the photos up so that the average width of his body was 8". It was a good while ago now, but I think I used 10" on the bottom and then finished at the neck with a 6".

The stupid thing split along the back where the blue jacket meets the fur. I didn't cover the whole thing in the 'fur' fondant and then cover with blue, so it had an obvious splitting line. Try to position one of your internal boards at the point where the legs join the body, then you can wedge the legs under the board to stop them just digging into the cake. The cake just wants to lean forward - it's so top-heavy - so get the chest supported with whatever you're using for legs before you buttercream (or, better yet, ganache) the cake. Does that make sense? 

I had to remove the stitched hem of the blue jacket, re-ganache the split, then add a bigger hem to cover the crack. >:-(

I used Wilton plastic tube dowels for the legs, with the wooden dowels inside. It meant there was more support for the chest, and I used less fondant to wrap the legs, too. I used the Marvelous Molds fur mold to texture him, and dusted him with brown petal dust. I HATED the ears. They look crap. I made them out of different fondant so they could try in advance, but I should have done them in the fur color and then brushed them with the petal dust to get them to blend in.

The hat was also a nightmare. I do recommend you try to do the head and hat both out of styro. Elisa can use cake because a real dog's head is smaller in comparison to Chase's. I use just a million bamboo skewers to attach it.

The backpack was RKT, but it was SO heavy. If I did it again, I would use styro. I have to use skewers to rest on the support board within the cake as it kept tearing. 

Sorry, I've probably frightened the life out of you, but if I knew what I was telling you before I made the cake, I'm sure it would have been a lot easier!

Good luck!



Thank you, thank you SO much for your time and ideas.  Yes I get what your saying about the front support, as well as the doweling for the legs.  Will be sure to do these things.  I agree and was thinking that I need something "light" for the hat/backpack.  I was actually thinking of paneling the backpack so that it would be hollow in the inside.  It's due in 2 weeks so I'm going to start that process this week.  

Again, I really appreciate your time.  If I can get my dog to look HALF as good as yours I'll be satisfied :)