My First 4 Tier Wedding Cake - Gold & Purple

For the wedding of our good friends this past weekend.

This is a cake of MANY, many firsts for me! My first 4 tier wedding cake, first ranunculus and peonies (attempted anyway – look more like carnations lol), first floral ball topper, first lustred tier, first all petal tier and first “fancy” wedding cake.

5”, 7” double, 9” double, 12”. I took inspiration for the double layered bow again from Sweet Picasso. The bottom petal tier was inspired by the many all ruffle, all petal, all scrunch tiered cakes I’ve seen here so thank you all – I just wanted to make it a little bit different so did two layer petals. The 3rd tier was inspired by the design of the backs of my dining chairs (shhh lol). The top gold tier was again inspired by so many lustred cakes I’ve seen.

With many firsts, came MANY, many headaches and issues which I won’t list as it would be a book’s worth. In the end, although not perfect I was happy with the results. The first pic has the best angle but is fuzzy so I included the 2nd shot which is clearer but not a good angle. TFL. =D


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