My first time at a Chrysanthemum…I loved it!!!

Last weekend was my sister mother-in-law birthday. As I am taking every chance to practice I decided to send her a small souvenir… she and her husband can’t eat cakes, they are diabetic…but they love cakes. So I thought, she loves flowers and she has a collection of small vases with flowers, just a small one…

This was what I came up with…. as you can see in the last photo, this is another of mine leftovers cakes…LOL I had some leftovers of chocolate cake I mixed it with some vanilla cream and voilà!!

Let me tell you that, my sister arrived with the cake and give it to her and she though that it was for real…and she placed it next to the collection that she has…LOL She just couldn´t believed it…she even thought that the dirt was for real. She truly loved it!!! And I have to say that I really love my photos, hope you like it too!!!


Ana Remígio xxx


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