Black Amp Yellow Owl Saw A Similar Owl Done By My Fave Decoratorautumn Carpenter Amp Just Had To Make Him My Friend Julie A Fell

Black & Yellow Owl. Saw a similar owl done by my fave decorator...Autumn Carpenter & just had to make him! My friend Julie, a fellow decorator was having a birthday & just like one EVER makes us I made her one. The owl was made from an egg cutter & using the smaller side of cutter, I cut out horns. The wings were textured with a floral texture mat by...Autumn Carpenter, then hand painted with black petal dust mixed with vodka. The body was textured by using the "back side" of a large decorating tip at an angle as not to make a full circle. This was a fun project & my friend really appreciated someone making her a cake! The caption may be a little corny...but hoo cares!?


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