Stacked Star Wars Angry Birds Cake

I was so inspired by Verusca’s lovely Stacked cakes , I simply had to try one out myself ;-). It didn’t turn out as great as hers , since it was my first time I hope :-) and also I had to transport it to the birthday party venue I played it safe and didn’t really give it much of a tilt.

So this is my take on a stacked cake : Star Wars Angry Birds “Red Skywalker” stamping on “Lard Varder” till he sees “STARS”, with “Princess Stella Organa” and “Chuck “Ham” Solo” for company. It is about 50 cm high. Hope you like it.

Red Skywalker , Lard Varder and the base are made of cake while Chuck and Princess were made with RKT.

This was done for my darling son for his class birthday party. Initially I was not going to do Angry Birds (had already done one for my hubby (Stiched with love ) last year and I was sort of over it) but persistent nagging from December 2012 by you know who and love eventually made me give in :-).


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