Bollywood Wedding Cake

This cake was featured in the cake central magazine volume 4 issue 5. Since the theme of the cake was Bollywood Magenta wedding, I added elements of the Hindu wedding ceremonies in the design. 2 doves (symbolising the bride and groom) sit on top of a floating plaque. Tying them together around their necks is a Mangalsutra (A sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by Indian Hindu women as a symbol of their marriage.This typically is made in gold and has black beads in it.) Jewellery adorned by the Bride is shown on one tier. Intricate patterns of mehndi are typically applied to brides before wedding ceremonies.This is represented on the other tiers. Within the Pillars is a red carpet with a Havan Kund (A pit made with copper or earth and has a blazing fire. This is considered sacred and rituals are performed around this fire during Indian Hindu weddings). A saree Drape is flowing over the tiers. Techniques worked on: Stringwork, Piping, fondant and gumpaste flowers.


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