Breakfast In Bed Cake

100% edible, The tray is an 11x15 sheet cake covered in wood grain fondant with gum paste handles. The vase is white chocolate with fondant bacon roses. The glass vase behind the cake is real bacon roses!! The skillet is gum paste. The napkin, napkin ring and silverware are 50/50 gum paste fondant. The silverware is painted with luster dust and vodka. The mug of coffee and salt and pepper shakers are also 50/50. The bacon and eggs are fondant. The eggs are painted with corn syrup to make them look over easy and the bacon and skillet are painted in places with corn syrup to make them look greasy! The quilted cover for the skillet is removable! The hot pad for the skillet is braided strips of fondant put together like a rag rug! You can eat every thing on it!! This was for my husband's birthday. We served it to him in bed!


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