I Need To Go Back And Get Better Pics Of The Small Table But Here Are Pics Of My 2 Dessert Table Displays At Classic Party Rental In The We

I need to go back and get better pics of the small table, but here are pics of my 2 dessert table displays at Classic Party Rental in the West End. The cake in the larger one is inspired by Marie Antoinette era gowns and was a change up from my previous dessert tables. Most of my tables have been southern, rustic, outdoor tables, and I wanted to do something to highlight the glamorous ballroom look. Blush and metallics are very in this year, so I brought quite a lot of gold and pink into the large table.

For the small table, I wanted to do something a little more rustic. I will get better pics, but the cake brought in the basketweave pattern from the milk bottle basket. Special thanks to Honey for this opportunity, to my sister for all of her help tracking down items, to my mother for loaning her nice crystal and to Victoria for all of her help installing and setting up today!

P.S. The small desserts are fake, but handmade with whipped spackle and air hardening clay.


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