This Is My First Attempt At Flowers Im Pretty Pleased With The Cake As A Whole Dirt Is Homemade Choc Cookies And A Little Yellow Cake

This is my first attempt at flowers, I’m pretty pleased with the cake as a whole :-) Dirt is homemade choc cookies and a little yellow cake blitzed together.

For the cake club thread: I struggled with petal thickness, I wanted thinner petals so I made an array of thicknesses but the thin ones all fell off their wires when dry (24 guage paper covered dipped in gum trag sugar glue) so I had to use the fat ones although that kinda works for orchids so I was lucky!

Also the stem wasn’t how I wanted it; it’s a central dowel with each flower’s twist of wires twisted onto it which gives it an overall spiral effect- I tried to soften that with green modelling choc then florists tape.

Oh one last tip- Assemble a test flower before mass producing all your petals!!! I used up all my GP then after they had dried I did a test assemble and found the three narrow petals were too long and had to trim them, they glare at me every time I see the pics!! pfffff


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