Snake Atheris Squamigera

My first cake of 2013. It´s a Snake, Atheris Squamigera, for those who don´t know it´s an african venomous viper species (the real one is the little photo on the left uper side). A family friend (Maliji) was going to open a reptile shop and he asked me to do a cake for him…as soon as I received his request I knew what I was going to do…I was waiting for this for some time now…I love reptiles they are awesome to replicate in cakes (that´s just me…lol). It´s all edible except the head, because he wanted to keep a souvenir to expose in the shop. After some hours…2000 & something scales…and some hassles…this is the FINAL RESULT. Not quite as I imagined it (did had time to painted as I wanted), but it´s OK. I don´t know…but I always think that I could do better…that´s just me. Hope you like it…


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