My Little Pony Fluttershy Birthday Cake

My Little Pony Fluttershy Birthday Cake on Cake Central

When a friend requested a My Little Pony cake, I began searching for ideas. I saw a cake on-line that was stacked like this and decided to give it a try; it's just different.

Bake two 8" round cakes. Cut one cake in half & stack the halves to make a really thick half circle top layer. If your "halves" aren't exact, just stack them making sure the rounded edges match & trim the flat edges to match. Decorating was simple. I smooth iced the entire cake with white. Then, I smooth iced over the "sky" with blue. Grass tip for grass, large round tip for puffy clouds, small round tip for writing, shell tip for boarder. Toy pony & bunny, gummy candy flowers, hair barrette butterflies.

The little girl loved it, and it was fun to make. Now my daughter wants one like if for her birthday, so I get to tweek it a bit...maybe airbrush the sky this time and not use so many boarders...maybe.


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