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This was a cake I made for the Police Dept. Burglary Unit in Killeen TX. I made a very similar cake earlier in the week for a police academy graduate. Anyhow the story behind this cake: someone broke into our church and stole some of our music equipment (who DOES that right?) Anyway, the detectives in the burglary unit did not sleep until they found the perpetrators. So, we just wanted to thank them for all their hard work. :)) This was about 60 servings of cake and the cup and "donut" are actually rice krispie treats. All edible.

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I wish I had the skills to make a cake this!!!! What a wonderful job I'm almost speechless....this cake is just wonderful. So glad the perps were caught!!!


Beautiful and perfect cake. Fortunately the perpetrators were caught. We had the same thing happen in our church numerous times, but we were not as fortunate to have a police dept. that really cares about what happens to a church. My church is in a big city where  a church burglary is is not a priority.