My Fourth Wedding Cake And One I Thoroughly Enjoyed Making The Bride Had Seen A Photo Of A Cake And Fallen In Love So I Cant Take Credit F

My fourth wedding cake and one I thoroughly enjoyed making. The bride had seen a photo of a cake and fallen in love so I can't take credit for the design itself. The original design was by Cakes by Judy C and I'm just hoping my cake does hers justice. I've tweaked a few things and made open peonies instead of closed and added buds and silver leaves (by very clever suggestion of the fabulous Atcakes ByRaewyn).

The bottom tier is chocolate mud cake with milk chocolate ganache. The middle tier is white chocolate mud with IMBC (italian meringue buttercream) and white chocolate ganache and the top tier is traditional fruit cake.

The silver dragees were put on one by one by hand. I tried several methods to get them on as a group but didn't find a method that worked for me. No doubt there are some great ways of doing it much faster that I will discover down the track and kick myself.

Thanks for looking :)


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