Oh Boy! A Special Delivery Is On The Way. Hold On To Your Hats!

One of the cakes i'm proudest of, because I didn't buy anything to make it. The couple let me decide the theme, they just picked the colors. I got to use so many tools that I bought and never used before. I used first impression molds for the blocks, stork, safety pins and some of the items in the train. I used that big 101 bin of cookie cutters for the train. The back two cars I actually used truck cookie cutters but cut the front of the trucks off with an exacto knife. For the two teddy bears I used JEM dress a teddy bear cutter set. For the rail road tracks I used the JEM fence cutter. For the buttons I used the wilton fabric mold. And finally for the clouds I re-purposed my dress a teddy bear cutter set from JEM, the clouds are actually teddy bear parts (head, feet, arms,etc) then rolled flat. The same for the smoke from the train. I did hand cut the pieces for the gumpaste shoes, but I used the JEM strip cutter for the laces. Not buying anymore cutters or molds until I use everything I have at least once!


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