Giant Gumball Machine With Spiral

Gumball Machine with illuminated spiral. Lid, spiral background and red "base" are cake. The glass globe is removable and from a craftstore with the small size gumballs (I used an 8in globe and used royal to affix an inverted 4.5in globe to displace some of the gumball volume. I also hid a secret in the inner globe for later reveal as the gumballs get consumed! Structure is a centralized PVC pipe with fittings secured to wood base (silver base), with an interim platform (red) above the base cake serving as the bottom of the spiral, and another as the top support platform(red) for the spiral and to take the weight of the globe. The cake could be cut as assembled(less the globe) and be transported 1+ hours. Clear 7/8in vinyl pipe has a 20LED battery powered light string and uses 3/4in copper fittings to affix the removable spiral to the support plates below and above the spiral section. This cake is just over 2 feet tall.


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