Colorful Present Birthday Cake

For my third and final class project cake which was for the Wilton Level 3 Fondant and Gum Paste Course, I created a fun and colorful present cake. I baked a 2-layer 8" white cake, filled and iced with homemade Swiss meringue buttercream, and placed it on a board I decorated with pink Wilton fondant the week before. In cake class, I covered my cake with green Duff's fondant, added colorful polka dots and a border, and topped it off with a matching pink gum paste bow I pre-made. I took the cake to church and the cake was so popular that not only was every morsel consumed, but tears were shed among the kids who missed out. I received a myriad of compliments as well. And most importantly, I had fun and learned a lot! (inspired by a design from cc user cib)


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