Stained Glass Wild Roses Cookies

wild roses- stained glass look cookies. As usual, I first topped these sugar cookies with marshmallow fondant. next I pipe the design with black royal icing, when dry the outline gets dusted with silver luster dust for the 'leaded' look. Finally with a fine point paintbrush I glob in colored glaze. These cookies take FOREVER to dry (about 24-36 hrs air drying) and it's very important to not touch them and test their dryness until at least 24 hrs have passed. The glaze is made with (all approximate amounts) 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 tsp. corn syrup, 1-2 TB water. mix well in a little glass dish- microwave for about 30 sec. mix again and let cool. color with gel paste using a paint brush to integrate the color well. this should be about the consistency of dish soap. also, using tooth picks is a good idea to get the glaze into tight spots,nooks and crannies in your design.


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