Pyschologist In Training

I made this cake for a lovely young lady turning 21 who is studying to be a Psychologist at University. My first sugestion was a brain lol but her mum didnt want anything to gory lol. So i Suggested a Stacked book cake because i have never done one before. I also hand cut a jigsaw with my exacto blade to cover the board so show that a psychologist is trying to solve the puzzle of our mind. Im pretty sure they would have got it :-). I also hand cut the 21 and then layed the jigsaw pieces over the top to match the board. The cover of the book is an edible image. Then i made a topper of Krystie with her pen and notepad. The note pad says "Diagnosis CRAZY" lol i couldnt help with my horrible attempt at humor hahaha. Hope you like it


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