Ivory Stacked Wedding Cake With Piped Design

The bride supplied fresh flowers for this cake. As yet I do not have a clear photo of the cake with the flowers without the bride and groom pictured - the last picture here is one with them edited out of the frame and very blurred! The bottom tier is a 12" Dark Chocolate Mud cake, the middle a 9" Victoria Sandwich (triple layered) and the top tier a 6" Chocolate Fudge Cake. Additional photos show the cakes before the fondant was added. The fourth cake in the second last picture is a fruit cake which the mother of the bride made and asked me to decorate to match the others. The piped design was based on one by Peggy Porschen which the bride requested that I do. I had not done this kind of thing before so was very apprehensive! This had to travel for nearly 3 hours in very hot and humid conditions, so forward planning was essential!


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