Fux Und Haase

When my friends asked me last year if I would make their wedding cake I was thrilled but also really anxious. The bride asked for mostly white, natural, with sweet peas, and decadent as well as for chocolate cakes for the groom. Well, in the end I did not make sweet peas but both bride and groom were thrilled with their cake. They also loved the taste which was moist chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting in the top tier, coconut brownies with dark chocolate ganache in the middle tier, as well as white chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting in the bottom tier. With practice and loads of inspiration on CC the design changed several times over the months. I still can not believe that I did it, but I am proud of the result. I want to thank Milkmaid42 for her support and the pudding mix that is not available here and kak7, Lilli13 and Branka2008 for inspiration. Thanks to CC in general.


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