Love Travels Oceans

We always like to try and tell a story with our cakes, and this one says so much?

Loves travels across oceans. George from Thessaloniki, Greece, left home to come to the states for school. Little did he know that he would soon meet the love of his life, Teri! She wanted to surprise George with a groom?s cake to depict all his favorites of home, as well as the story of meeting his bride to be! We did our best to include every important detail from the White Tower in George?s hometown, favorite football (soccer) team, love of sailing ? to coming to North Carolina, attending North Carolina State University, meeting Teri at Bogart?s, and of course falling in love!

Best wishes Teri & George on their recent marriage! We look forward to the stories to come!

North Carolina Cake: Chocolate Kahlua Cream Cake, Coconut Cream Filling, & Dark Chocolate Ganache Greece Cake: Cardamom Pistachio Cake, Milk Chocolate Buttercream Filling, & White Chocolate Ganache

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