Madeleine's Mermaid Cake

Turning 5 is a fun event when your birthday theme is mermaids---particularly Ariel. When told Ariel was a copyrighted figure, she accepted a generic red haired mermaid instead. Mermaid is made of gumpaste with chocolate clay hair. Palm is fondant/tylose. Shells are all fondant; coral is iosmalt poured into crushed ice. Fish net is fondant, cut with a pie crust lattice cutter. Sand is crushed grahamj crackers. Bottom layer of cake is chocolate torted and filled with peanut butter mousse while top layer is peanut butter cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache. Island is peanut butter cake. (I needed the island with its accompanying cakeboard to help support the top heavy palm tree.) All is covered with dark chocolate ganache topped with marbled MFF.


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