Ring Pop Cake Pop

Okay, so here?s how I did these, and my thoughts/ideas on my process.

Saw these on Cutest Food (website). They were made by a cake company called Bloom. There were only two tiers (in retrospect a better idea) and they had larger flowers (also a better idea). http://cutestfood.com/3579/ring-cake-pop/

I made the "tiers" by making cake pop mixture and rolling it out so it was all level. Then I used round cookie cutters to cut each tier and stack them on each other. I then froze them. Looking back I should have attached them to the ring pop at this point but I did that step later.

Then I went to get the ring pops which I way over paid for at Party City. I put them in a pot of hot water and let them dissolve, this maybe took an hour or so. Then I needed to let the cake part defrost a bit so I could stick them on.

Also, I used a skewer to make a hole in the bottom of the cake. If you just stick on the ring pop base it comes apart and you have to remodel your cake a bit. I would say two tiers are better because you can make them a bit taller and have a larger size differentiation between to the two so the tiers don't all blend.

I used melted candy coating and attached the cake to the base. Then I needed to refreeze because the top two tiers of the cake kept falling off the base. Once they had frozen over again they were okay to dip.

I dipped them in Wilton candy coating. I found that it was too thick and so I think next time I need to thin it a little. I tapped off the extra coating as best I could. Because they are frozen they harden pretty quickly so I used a paint brush to paint some extra coating on to stick the flowers on. This is also why I say larger flowers would have been better because they would have covered the coating better.

They look pretty smooth in the photos but it's just advantageous picture taking. They are kind of lumpy in the back where I tapped off the extra candy coating. All in all, pretty cute considering I'm not professional!

I think the people at Bloom have looked into getting the ring pop bases ordered wholesale but I don't know if they have been successful. Maybe Wilton or someone will catch on and produce them for just this purpose. Also, I used the Wilton Round cutter pack that you can get at Michael's to make the bottom and top tier. The middle cutter I got out of a gum paste flower kit, which I also purchased at Michaels.


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