Five Iron Frenzy

This is a cake I did for the wonderful band members of Five Iron Frenzy! they recently reunited after 8 years of being broken up. I know some of you arent familiar with this band but I assure you... that for me to do this cake for them was a HUGE honor! The cake itself is basic vanilla on the bottem tier. and chocolate on the top with a buttercream filling. and the robot arm is actually sculpted from florist foam (we had to travel from California to Denver, Co to deliver this cake so we didnt want to risk making it out of a material that wouldnt make the trek. but it is covered in fondant. if you have any questions feel free to ask! :D also. if you are wondering. Yes those are cake pops. the event was to feed 585 people. In which I had to travel from california to colorado with a two suitcases full of cake pops and cake. D: talk about a TSA nightmare!


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