Dragons Perch By The London Baker

www.thelondonbaker.com, created by Elizabeth Rowe at The London Baker. Sculpted cake for the 2012 Austin cake show this past weekend, entered into the show cake category and i was very pleased that it took 1st. this cake was one of the largest that i have done and was a great challenge and very rewarding. It was about 40 inches high and 50 inches long, this dragon was made mostly out of cake ( just box mix) with minimal use of styrofoam for the underside of the support structure about an inch to and inch and a half in some areas and a small amount of rice crispy treats since I hate those things, around the bottom of the legs and a layer on top of the carverd cake thigh for extra stability and gurth. the dragon took around 140 hours from start to finish and i started 3 weeks prior to the competition, the whole cake took around 200 hours, which was pretty tough since i work full time, very little sleep was required to get it done and im so glad for extra strength energy drinks lol. The dragon was covered using fondant and then airbrushed for detail and colour. I will be posting a link on my website to the video of the cake as it had some motors in it with a few moving parts.


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