Interactive Pharmacy Themed Birthday Cake

Interactive Pharmacy Themed Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Birthday cake created for my husband's dad. The info given to me when asked to make this cake was that he likes trivia, and is a pharmacist. I made this an interactive trivia cake. There are cookies made into medical trivia cards using edible paper and edible markers. The RX, stethescope and medical symbols were free handed with wite chocolate and painted with edible paints. I made a candy clay to mold the mortar and pestal with, and hand molded it. (Thank goodness for ceramics classes) The candy clay tastes much better than fondant, in my opinion. The pills are just pill shaped candies. The only inedible pieces of this cake are the pill bottle, syringes, candles and bottle lid. This cake was so much fun to make! Under the buttercream icing is a nice dense, moist yellow cake made from scratch. It was a great hit! I am glad too, this is the first cake I have made since I was a teenager. Which wasn't that terribly long ago, I am only 27 now. Either way, it was fun and turned out almost exactly as I invisioned it. (I had not invisioned that my card box/cake would be a little lopsided but I guess that is attributed to poor carving skills.) Hope you enjoy the picture.


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