Candy Castle Cake Covered With White Modeling Chocolate (Chocolate Clay)

My son really wanted a candy castle cake for his birthday... He could hardly believe that he could have candy on top of cake *lol* it was a dream come true for him! The cake is a two layer chocolate cake with raspberry swiss merengue frosting and filled with raspberry buttercream frosting. the outside is covered in sheets of modeling chocolate imprinted with a stone design and then dusted with cocoa to get a more "realistic" appearance. My son chose all his own candies, and helped put them on (which explains the large pile of mini m&m's on the roof of the castle). The modeling chocolate was in solid sheets that I cut to size and melted the edges together so that it would have more of an angular appearance. Not sure it really made a lot of difference in the end... I was going for something small and easy (ha ha ha ha) and now I want to try one a little bit bigger and more realistic (and without the candy) cause I have so many ideas now :P


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