Evil Scientist Birthday Cake

So, a little back-story for this cake: I have a T-shirt that I wear for cake deliveries that says, "I have decided to use my powers of baking for good instead of evil." Well, a friend said, "What's an evil cake look like?" And it got my wheels turning... A Google search for "evil cake" gives lots of gory/gross Halloween cakes, which wasn't what I was looking for. After some brainstorming with my husband we came up with two ideas (other evil cake is in a different upload).

An "evil scientist" type Erlenmeyer flask shaped cake covered and decorated with fondant. Handle of the flask is made from cereal treats, the rest is cake. Bubbles are dusted with luster dust. Brain is modeling chocolate. Vials and test tubes are glass and plastic, respectively, and are filled with various candy (Pixie Sticks, Nerds, sprinkles, sugar, edible glitter, colored corn syrup) and have sticker labels that say things like, "Elixir of Opium", "Arsenic Poison", "Hepatic Salt" and "Confection of Senna." The label on the cake is an edible image.


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