Big Rock Candy Mountain Cake

My brother-in-law and his family "go" to a different country for Valentine's Day each year; this year it was the Big Rock Candy Mountains (his kids love the children's song). I couldn't put everything it described, but I did put the bubble gum tree (modeling chocolate with bits of bubble gum), the root beer lake with a big canoe (the lake is pancake syrup and the canoe is modeling chocolate), the bushes where your allowance grows (MMF bills, painted with food coloring), the zoo where you can pick your pet (vanilla wafer cookies, pretzel sticks and animal crackers) and the cupcake because it's your birthday every day. Oh, and of course the candy rocks, which are chocolate. I didn't have time to search out or make the typical rock candy I pictured in my head. The mountain is 8" and 6" rounds which I cut and pasted around to make it more mountainous.


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