There's A Tragic But Not So Tragic Story To This One.....

There's A Tragic But Not So Tragic Story To This One..... on Cake Central

I work at a gym and had this cake on display for the Birthday Girl to arrive and see as she walked in. It was sitting right behind me in what I thought was safe keeping until....... A man of about the age of 50ish or so all sweaty after working out and talking on the phone walks up to the cake and picks it up by the NECK! The trainer that was talking to me sees this and was like......"No, oh no....." then her head goes down. I asked "WHAT?!" and she tells me what the sweaty man does. I turn around and the cake is still all intact (And to think that I was worried about the drive in the car). I was with beyond words that someone would do such a thing. The only damage to the cake was he dented my ribbon a lil bit and put his ugly finger prints on it. Not to mention most importantly is who wants to eat the cake now! Now I know how you cake artists feel after a tragic event happens to a cake. I was so mad that I actually had to leave the area before I attacked the dumb man with words of 1) Look with your eyes not your hands 2) Does it have your name on it to touch it at all? 3) Ummmm hello, Patron is clear NOT white 4) What gave you the right to touch this or anything for that matter within this area! After the man touched the cake, he walked away like he did nothing wrong. No apologies..... NOTHING. Not that I would accept it anyway. Lesson learned..... PUT A BIG SIGN SAYING..... "THIS IS A CAKE.....KEEP YOUR SWEATY PAWS OFF OF IT!

Pistachio Cake with Pistachio Filling. MMF, hand painted with the exception of the label.


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