Pirate Ship Cake

Made of 6-7 layers of homemade chocolate cake. Filled with homemade vanilla frosting. Carved and crumb coated with 2 coats of buttercream. Fondant is an almond/vanilla marsmallow fondant. Sails I made by hand, pirates were bought from toys r us, rails are made of lollipop sticks, anchor, ladder and cannons are made with gum paste, blue vanilla frositng for the ocean. This cake got detroyed in route to delivery. As I am a solo baker with no help/team. It was too heavy in the back. Long story short-I fixed the entire back and stayed up all night and delivered it the very next day. I attached a photo of the new cake that was deliverd, it is a little messier than this one because I was doing it on 0 sleep and was in a rush. Lesson learned.


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