Harley Davidson Groom's Cake

I made this cake for a friend of mine's daughter getting married. This was the first time I made gumpaste/fondant people and it was by far the most difficult task I have taken on so far in regards to cake! She was a pretty red-head and he was blonde. I tried my best at sculpting their faces correctly, but I have never done it before so it took alot of patience! hehe I was told her dress was A-line, had beading and lace. I don't think the picture shows but she had lace print under the opening of the dress in the front. They were held together with wire and toothpicks. Everything was edible, except for the bike which was provided by my friend. This was a WASC cake with chocolate mousse filling and whitechocolate buttercream covered in black fondant. Both of the tire tiers are 10inches. I airbrushed the flames. Thanks so much for looking!!!!


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