Wordless Book Retirement Cake

I made this cake for the Directors of the Child Evangelism Fellowship in our area who recently retired.

It was a huge cake. I made it a Wordless Book cake with a Wordless Book bookmark to match. The edible images are of the Directors and their family throughout the years on one side of the 'photo album' cake and on the other side was their names, where and when they first became directors and where and when they retired. I also had the CEF logo, Youth in Action logo, 5-day Clubs logo and the Good News Clubs logo (all edible images). Not sure why the border on the top right hand side can't be seen...

The other picture is just to show what a Wordless Book cake looks like on the INSIDE!

The Wordless Book cake had all 5 colors of the Wordless Book:

Yellow (or Gold)--reminds us of Heaven Black--reminds us of sin Red--reminds us of Jesus' blood White--reminds us of a clean heart and Green--growing to know Jesus

The Wordless Book is a tool that is frequently used to teach young children about Jesus.

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